What good is the secant?

Students no sooner learn about the sine and cosine functions, which are strange enough at first, when they are exposed to . Years later, they may reflect (as I have) that they never used the function directly. What were mathematicians … Continue reading

Calculus Handouts

These are all of the handouts for Calculus AB, 2014-2015. Calculus Handout 1: Lab: Graphing Functions Calculus Handout 2: Warming up your algebra Calculus Handout 3: Dropping the ball Calculus Handout 4: Tangents to a parabola Calculus Handout 5: The … Continue reading


I learned about the game of three-in-a-row from H. Steinhaus's Mathematical Snapshots. It begins like tic-tac-toe, but with markers instead of Xs and Os. After 6 markers have been placed, players take turns moving their markers one space at a … Continue reading

Perudo and Monte Carlo

Perudo (aka Liar's dice) is a game where players have perfect knowledge of their own dice and imperfect knowledge of other people's dice. Players bid on the collective set of dice that is rolled by all players. A player starts … Continue reading