Billiards table simulation

Harold Jacob's excellent Mathematics: A Human Endeavor introduces several mathematical ideas via the game of billiards. I suspect his text is the inspiration for the NCTM Illuminations's Paper Pool lesson plans.

Although the Illuminations site provides a Java applet, I wanted a few more features. I coded it up in both Processing and Scratch so that we could use it in the computer lab.

Here is the Processing version:

You can run Billiards on the Scratch website as well:


Here are the handouts I used with my algebra class:

  1. Algebra Handout 33: Introduction to Billiards with notes
  2. Algebra Handout 34: Billiards and Patterns with notes
  3. Algebra Handout 35: Billiards exit ticket
  4. Algebra Handout 36: Billiards warmup with notes
  5. Algebra Handout 37: Billiards data
  6. Algebra Handout 38: Billiards graphing warmup
  7. Algebra Handout 39: Billiards team chart
  8. Algebra Handout 40: GCF and billiards
  9. Algebra Handout 41: Billiards Quiz Prep
  10. Algebra Handout 43: Billiards Quiz

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