Math Unplugged!

Math Unplugged! is an integrated math course for seniors. It ties together ideas that appear throughout high school mathematics. Most of the time, we are following Harold Jacobs' highly regarded text (2nd edition). Although this text can be used as part of a college course, it is very accessible to most high school students. The focus is on mathematical thinking.


The students have access to the text, and I have created handouts for the course. These are compiled into two documents:

  1. Math Unplugged Semester 1 Workbook
  2. Math Unplugged Semester 2 Workbook (coming soon)

Daily routine

The agenda for the day is posted online.

Students keep a portfolio of their handwritten artifacts on their website. Students scan their artifacts to the cloud using the Digital Lab scanner, and then add the artifacts to their personal website.

Because artifacts are scanned, students are asked to take their notes on 8.5×11 paper. Some useful paper formats:

I've created some handouts to help with exercises.

  1. Hyperbola drawing exercise in chapter 6, lesson 3. This works great with a Mira.


If there is no struggle, there is no progress. —Frederick Douglass

Usually, students are working on Math Unplugged with Mr. Benson. If they work on Math Unplugged in another teacher's class and require help, the teacher should feel free to direct the student to Mr. Benson. Also, Math Unplugged students are expected to work hard, so if they are in another class and are not doing relevant work, they can be directed to the practice page.

List of in-class handouts