Oma Camp 2015

Wednesday, July 22nd, and we are hitting the road with our Airstream for its first trip. In the past two months, we moved most of our belongings into storage, put our home on the market, sold it, and moved everything to our home on Lake Michigan. Meanwhile, our lake house has been getting an overhaul of the decks, and we are splitting our garage into two levels. Days upon days of going through boxes, giving things away, while workers come in and out, and we are ready for a break.

Heidi, Freya, Hershey, and I are heading to Connecticut for the annual Grandma Camp. I hooked up the trailer, pulled out of the driveway, and we stopped to take a couple pictures.

2015 07 22 heidi freya shakedown

2015 07 22 family selfie shakedown

Immediately after we take this picture, I remember that I should check the brake connection. No brake lights on the trailer! After fussing with it for a couple of minutes with rising disappointment, I figure out the brake connector is not getting properly seated. A little extra force, and the lights work perfectly. Off we go.

We drive to Ann Arbor, and spend the night parked in front of my brother and sister-in-law's house. Our daughter Anna is teaching at a nearby summer camp, and she wakes us up to go out for breakfast. Then we say our goodbyes, and head south.

We pick up US 80 east, and make it to the middle of Pennsylvania, stopping for the night at Simon B. Elliot State Park, featuring a beautiful, rustic state park campground. George the camp host gives us some helpful pointers, and makes some approving remarks about our Airstream. This has happened literally every time we stopped today: someone comes up and wants to talk about our trailer. It's fun, and is a bit reassuring that others understand why we were attracted to it. After dark, the park ranger raps on our door—we've forgotten to put our payment out. Oops.

The next morning, we grab breakfast at Spanky's Courthouse Cafe, and we're off again. We hope to spend the night at the house of friends in New Jersey, but decide to press on to get to Heidi's parents' house in CT...

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