Setting up Processing

This is what we do in our class to take advantage of Processing. It includes extra steps that allow students to maintain their sketches in the cloud, and upload sketches to their websites.

  1. If DropBox is installed in your Applications folder (type Shift-command-A from the Finder to open your Applications folder), launch it. If it is not installed, go to, download, and install it. Create an account if you do not already have one for your school email address. Create a Processing folder at the root level of Dropbox.
  2. Launch Processing. Copy and paste the code below to your sketch, and click the run button. This runs the app in Java.
  3. From Processing->Preferences..., change your Sketchbook location to use Dropbox. For example, I use /Users/pbenson/Dropbox/Processing.
  4. Save your app using some descriptive name, like BlueDot.
  5. Under the Java menu, add Javascript and PDE X as new modes. Quit Processing, and relaunch.
  6. Run your sketch as a Javascript program. Save your sketch (in Dropbox).
  7. Ask Mr. Benson about your FTP account on your subdomain.
  8. If it is not already installed, download and install the FTP client CyberDuck. Then configure Cyberduck for your ftp directory.
  9. Copy the web-export folder from your Dropbox sketch to your ftp directory on your subdomain. Rename the web-export directory to the name of your sketch.
  10. Go to Your Processing app should appear.
  11. Write a journal post, and make sure I can see it on your website!

void setup() {

void draw() {
fill(0, 255, 255);
ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 40,40);

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